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Outdoor Weddings Are Great But…

Pennsylvania is amazing because we get to experience all of the seasons! However the downside for planning an outdoor wedding is it’s unpredictable weather. Chances are it will be blistering hot, humid, and or rainy which is most uncomfortable for you and your guests. Read This! Why go through the hassle of renting a venue, catering, hiring a bartender, and worrying about liquor liability insurance with your once in a lifetime wedding reception, when you can enjoy the cool comfort of a reception with just two meetings at The Fez! You can plan your reception with ease, delicious food made by our chef, amazing service from our staff, and a beautiful night to remember! Chances are you can book your reception at The Fez for less money and hassle than an outdoor wedding. For more information call us at 724-378-1810 or email at 

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