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The Fez has been a Western Pennsylvania Landmark Known for Hospitality Excellence for Over 50 Years!”

The Fez was founded when the Thomas Family purchased The Scottsville Inn in Hopewell Twp. Aliquippa, Pa. in 1966.  Over the years, the family’s hard work helped The Fez evolve from a 35 seat local tavern to a sprawling, special event venue with three separate event spaces and a combined seating capacity of 1,200 guests.

The Fez received its unusual but memorable name when our founders returned from a cross country excursion to California in the 1950s. As the story goes, the three travelers found themselves lost, tired and hungry on an empty gas tank late at night. After many lonely miles on the road they luckily found an open gas station. Upon filling up and pausing for a while to rest, the travelers were quick to ask the attendant for any recommendations on dining and overnight lodging facilities in the area. The attendant quickly replied “there’s only one place around here that I’ll recommend it’s called “The Fez.” Upon their arrival to “The Fez” late in the night, the tired travelers were greeted warmly by the owner, who happened to be of same ethnicity, as the travelers. The owner held over the kitchen staff to feed the weary travelers. After enjoying the wonderful dinner and excellent service, they thanked the owner profusely for his graciousness. So taken by the warmth and hospitality, they never forgot the experience! Years later, when the three decided to open a restaurant of their own they named it “The Fez!” Today, after having hosted over 5,000 wedding receptions, countless Anniversaries, Birthdays, Baptisms, Corporate Events, Community Banquets and Fund Raisers, The Tradition of Excellence Continues under the leadership of the third generation of the Thomas Family!

Our Commitment to our Clients and Guests Remains the Same … Excellent Food, Excellent Service, Reasonable Prices and above all … all the warmth and hospitality that is .. The Fez!