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Helpful Money Apps to Help with Budgeting for Your Wedding Day and Every Day!


Need help managing your finances on the go? Check out these helpful money apps to help with budgeting for your wedding day and everyday!

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By: Jessica Bishop | Published: 

Here at The Budget Savvy Bride, we love sharing helpful tools, services, and products to help you to be savvier in life and wedding planning! Today’s focus is on sharing tools to help you manage your money for the wedding day and every day! I’m talking about utilizing little pieces of software that you can install on your smartphone… aka Money Apps!

I want to share with you some great money apps I’ve discovered that could come in handy in budgeting for your wedding, saving up for the big day, or even sending vendor payments! Each of these apps is available for both iPhone and Android devices, so no matter what type of smartphone you’re rocking, you’ll be able to use these helpful financial apps. Check out these Helpful Money Apps to Help with Budgeting for Your Wedding Day!

Acorns logo

Available on iOS or Android

Acorns is an app to make investing easier than ever. It allows you to invest in small amounts by rounding daily purchases up to the nearest dollar. For example, if you buy a gallon of milk for $2.65, the app will round the purchase up to $3.00 and invest the additional 35 cents in a portfolio of your choosing. Acorns truly makes investing a fun, simple process, and these little investments can add up quickly over the course of a year.

Empower logo


Available on iOS or Android

Empower aims to be your one-stop financial hub. Their mobile app lets you connect all your accounts, from bank accounts to retirement plans, giving you a complete picture of your money. They offer tools to track spending, set budgets, and build good credit. Plus, access features like instant cash advances (with limitations) to help with unexpected needs. Empower also provides educational resources to boost your financial confidence and guide you towards achieving your financial goals.

Copilot logo


Available on iOS

Copilot is a budgeting and finance tracker app that uses AI to help you manage your money. It automatically tracks spending, categorizes transactions, and creates personalized budgets based on your habits. The app also helps you monitor investments and identify recurring subscriptions, so you can stay on top of your finances.

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Tandem logo


Available on iOS

Build a life with your partner, one money milestone at a time.
Tandem is reinventing how the modern household grows wealth — from splitting groceries to planning and saving for your next shared goal.

Plan. Save. Spend. Split. Tandem helps you and your partner achieve your money goals each step of the way.

Plenty Financial Logo

Plenty Financial

Web-Based Application

Plenty helps couples build wealth together. It offers joint investment accounts and individual accounts, all managed with a robo-advisor for a flat annual fee. They connect your existing financial accounts for a clear view of your finances and use fancy algorithms to invest like the wealthy. Think “yours, mine, and ours” for money management, with a focus on millennials and young couples.

Venmo logo


Available on iOS or Android

Send money for free. Cash out to any bank overnight! Pay your friends for dinner, drinks, rent, and more. Even pay your wedding vendors! Easily collect money from people who owe you. Venmo uses bank-grade security systems and data encryption to protect your financial information and is a part of eBay and PayPal. It’s definitely a life-saver!

Trim logo

Trim by OneMain

Web-Based Application

Trim Financial Manager is a virtual personal assistant that constantly works to save you money! Trim can cancel your old subscriptions, set spending alerts, check how much you spent on Uber last month, and automatically fight fees… these are just a few cool ways Trim makes you savvier with less effort!

Lower Your Bills with Trim - the virtual financial personal assistant!


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