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Quick Answers to the Most Often Asked Questions

Is there a price difference for children's dinners?

Yes, there are different prices for different age groups. For the buffets children ages 5 and under are free, children ages 6 – 12 are half priced, and anyone 13 and above is full price. For plated meals children 5 and under are free, children 6 – 12 are offered a kid’s meal for a discounted price, and anyone 13 and above is full price.

Is arranged seating required?

The short answer is No, it is not required. However, we highly recommend that you have one. A seating chart helps your guests know where they will be sitting the entire evening, they will be free to move around to get food and drinks without losing their seat, and you will know exactly how many tables you need. With open seating guests may not fill in each seat at a table and there will need to be extra tables set so that no guests end up not having a seat. A seating chart creates a smooth transition from the ceremony to the cocktail hour, and from the cocktail hour to the reception.

Are the tables numbered or marked for the reception?

Yes, they will be. Each table will have a number on it. They will be clearly marked and visible for your guests. The number of tables will vary based on your needs, but you will go over the room set-up with the Catering and Sales Director during your detail meeting.

Can we bring in food?

Due to health and safety regulations you cannot bring in any food. However, you can bring cake or cookies if you choose to.

What about cakes and cookies?

You are permitted to bring in cakes and cookies. They must all be prearranged on trays for display. Please notify us of any pasty that require refrigeration.

When do I make Scheduled payments?

In order to officially reserve your date, there will be an initial deposit due. The Catering and Sales Director will provide you specific payment dates and amounts on your initial sales agreement for the rest of the payments.

Do I Include DJ, photographer, etc. in my Total Head Count?

Yes. Anyone you are providing a meal to should be included in your total head count. Often, all of the vendors are seated at a table near the back so they can come and go as they need to without disrupting the event.

When is my Final Guest Count Due?

The final head count will be due, at a minimum, 14 days prior to your event. The Catering and Sales Director will provide you with all of your deadlines during your first visit, and will send several reminder emails as well prior to each deadline.

Who pays the baker for the cake?

The cake is included in your reception package, so you will not be responsible for a bill for the cake. That cost in already wrapped up in your package. The Fez handles everything except the tasting and the design of the cake.

Can we make changes if we change our mind on something?

The Catering and Sales Director will provide you your specific deadlines for your selections. Prior to those deadlines we will do our best to work with you and make the necessary accommodations and changes as they come up. Once we hit or pass those deadlines it becomes too hard to make changes. We have deadlines ourselves for ordering supplies from vendors. We make sure to give you as much time as possible to make all you selections.

Can we get table linens in a color other than ivory or white?

Yes, you can. We would need to talk with the vendor in order to determine availability and exact pricing for the color you prefer.

What happens if we need to move or cancel our wedding and/or reception?

In the event of a cancellation, for any reason, all reservation deposits and/or any payments are non-refundable. All monies paid to The Fez up to the point of cancellation shall be forfeited. This policy will be in your initial sales agreement as well. If the cancellation occurs within 14 days of your event, the client will be responsible for the full balance on their account.

Is there a parking attendant?

Yes, we do provide a parking attendant. Valet parking is not available. We can block off and reserve some parking spaces if need be for parents and/or grandparents, as well as for the vehicle the bride and groom will be leaving in. The Catering and Sales Director will go over your specific needs during your detail meeting.

What happens to the leftover food from the meal?

Due to health and safety regulations, the food cannot be packaged and sent home with anyone. However, the food will be available long enough guests can have a second serving if they choose. The cake will have a keepsake layer for the bride and groom to take with them.

Can cars be left overnight at The Fez?

Cars may be left overnight at The Fez as long as they are picked up the next day by 12pm.