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Choosing your reception site can be a daunting task and is certainly one of the most important decisions you’ll make during your wedding planning process. With a seemingly unending number of choices and considerations, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. With that in mind, The Fez has come up with the following tips and guidelines for you to consider before making your choice and signing a contract.

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Room Cosmetics
The aesthetics and beauty of a room’s decor should be an important part of your decision, however, there are many other essential factors to consider before you sign a contract. You should also take into account your budget, value for dollars spent and the quality & quantity of the food being served, as well as the service itself. The room should have a properly sized dance floor and adequate bar space for all of your guests.  Also be sure that there is enough space between the tables to seat your guests comfortably.

Avoid large rooms that are separated by thin, mobile folding walls.  Most venues with this type of event space will surely book multiple receptions on the same night and you will almost certainly be disappointed with the spillover noise from the bridal party toasts and DJ next door!

Ideally, your venue should have completely separate amenities for your event, such as a dedicated entrance, bathrooms and bar for the sole use of your guests.  Following these tips will ensure an effervescent, exclusive party-like atmosphere and an exciting wedding that you and your guests will remember for years to come!

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