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Some of the Corporate Services The Fez Offers

The Fez offers many services to companies both large and small:

MEETING SPACE without f&b required, is available for all purposes, meetings, training, safety, and seminars are some of use cases. Rental fees are based on a per hour basis. Please note, any special set-up requirements requested may incur additional fees. Call 724-378-1810 for a quote.

BREAKFAST MEETINGS are a great way to kick off initiatives and for getting everyone on the same page. We offer very reasonably priced breakfast options.

LUNCHTIME MEETINGS are always well received and appreciated by all. We have a wide variety of budget focused menus, from soup & sandwich menus, to buffet style as well as plated options that are sure to meet your company’s needs.

HOLIDAY CELEBRATIONS are a great way to reward your team and express management’s gratitude for all their hard work all year long. Foster camaraderie and good will by celebrating together as a team. 

A/V EQUIPMENT we can provide all of you A/V needs.

You can be certain that we can provide all services necessary for a successful event.

Call 724-378-1810 or click the link below to request corporate menus.