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Wedding Planning Tips – Avoid Costly
Hidden Charges

In the current economic environment, many reception facilities are attempting to disguise their true bottom line price by offering lower cost dinner selections to secure your commitment and then back loading higher charges for other essential elements such as bar service, hors d’oeuvres, wedding cakes, and services required to make your event go smoothly, such as cake cutting charges, corking fees, set-up and clean up charges.

Look for all-inclusive packages and pricing, and be sure you are being quoted a firm price per person before you decide.  Make sure that the person quoting you is prepared to give you a written invoice of charges based on your estimated number of guests and selections, including any upgrades that you may want to make.  Be sure that this estimate includes all service charges and local taxes that will be assessed against your final bill.  These charges can add up quickly and if you are not anticipating them, can come as a shock when the final bill is due.

Be skeptical of pushy and overly aggressive sales tactics and discounts connected with pressure to sign a contract or make a non-refundable deposit before you leave. You will most likely regret agreeing to anything  or spending your money under pressure.

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